After remaining in print for over 23 years, one of the all-time most memorable DIY books is finally available in digital form!

The Complete, Illustrated Guide to Everything Sold in Hardware Stores is  FINALLY available in all major digital formats for any e-book reader.         

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Now you can bring this guide along with you on your next trip to the big store for a fun, smooth, buying expedition, thanks to your smartphone or e-book reader.  No more intimidation at the home center!

A comprehensive and simple buying guide to help you on your next trip to the home center, lumber yard, or hardware store for tools and materials--one that turns all those “thingamajigs,” “whatchamacallits,” and “adapters” into the very thing you need.  With this book on your e-book reader or smartphone, do-it-yourselfers should never feel intimidated again by those massive shelves full of mysterious objects.  This book answers most of the most common and annoying home repair and home improvement project questions.

Full of useful, even invaluable buying and use tips as well as all the terms you need to make an informed, calm choice at the hardware store or home center.  With over 1000 items and 600 illustrations, it is both a fun-to-read reference book and a terrific gift.

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Bedford Street Media

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“Wow! Anybody working on a house--the do-it-yourselfer or the weekend putterer--could use this book.” -- The Old House Journal

“The perfect guide for the do-it-yourselfer who has no ideas what the ‘thingamajig’ he needs is called.” -- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Like the Rosetta a chapter a day for a week, then visit the hardware store on Saturday with confidence.“ -- The New York Times

Steve Ettlinger has written 7 books and produced over 40.  He has been a guest on the top national TV shows with this and other books, including two times on The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and many more.  He has renovated several very old houses and lives in New York City. He loves exploring hardware stores and home centers.

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